Thank you so much for the wonderful products you have, the best way I can ever thank you is to refer people. I have referred my friend, she will order the products very soon or even today.

People are extremely amazed how I lost weight and my body is toning up so well,




I am very impressed with the product that you offer and I love that you really do see results. I have very low muscle tone so sculpting and building muscle has been nearly impossible for me all my life...but with the combination of these two products it has become effortless!! I am mere steps away from my "Kate Beckinsale dream body" =D

Have a great day!!

Carla-Lene Cronje



Thanks so much for the input, I am so excited about the results I’m getting, and I feel good too!!
Faith Clayton



Hi there,
The Burn Xtreme works very well. I will be ordering soon.
Kind Regards
Tracy Moll



I function better to natural products. I am looking forward to trying the Shred System as your products do really work unlike a whole lot of products on the market out there that are expensive for nothing.

Kind Regards
Monica Mathe



Thank you so much! I really didn’t expect to get something for free! That is awesome!
Thank you for your friendliness and kindness.



The CLA Sculpt has helped me dropped the weight.

Thank you,
Helen Chamont



Thank you for the delivery. I am very happy with the results so far and it’s only been a week!
Will definitely be ordering from you guys again!



You guys are on point that's for sure. I hope to also refer my friends and family to you as I do believe that your products can serve them well as well (South African Braai culture keeps health companies running ;-) )

Thank you again and I trust you too will have a splendid day

Kind Regards



Yes it did work very nicely thank you, although it would have worked better if I didn’t yo-yo diet. But I would definitely recommend the Burn Xtreme and Cla Sculpt! Kind Regards,



Yes loved the product and will mail payment tomorrow for another.




Thank you very much for your honesty, really appreciate it. I will place my next order of CLA month end. I am training very hard in conjunction to taking the supplements so all good. I am happy that I have found a natural product that has no side effectsJ
Until we chat again take care and have a fabulous weekend.




I cannot express my gratitude enough for all your time and effort. Thank you so much for putting up with me. I am so happy. I will definitely be purchasing products from Body Sculpt on a regular basis. The level of professionalism was fantastic and I will be recommending you all to my friends and family.

Thanks once again.

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I have been using the CLA body sculpt which was great, had no side effects what so ever like other products that I have tried.I have lost weight. I would like to try the Burn Xtreme. Please advise me?

Thank you 



Thank you for your email and checking up on me.
The Shred System has been treating me well and seems to be working faster than all the other fat burners.